Lawrence R. Whiting

Attorney Lawrence R. Whiting is a Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist and has been practicing law since 1975.

Mr. Whiting graduated from the University of West Los Angeles School of Law while recovering from injuries suffered in the line of duty as a firefighter. Subsequent to his retirement from the Los Angeles City Fire Department, he has spent nearly forty years practicing workers’ compensation law. While his first ten years in the field were spent as a defense attorney, the balance of his career has been devoted to representing injured workers — specializing in handling claims for firefighters, police officers, and other public safety personnel. He is believed to be the only firefighter currently designated by the State Bar of California as a Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law.

As a workers’ compensation attorney, Mr. Whiting has done a considerable amount of work in the appeals process. He has filed several hundred Petitions for Reconsideration, over seventy Petitions for Writ of Review, and has participated in several published opinions on various workers’ compensation issues. He has both petitioned and filed briefs with the California Supreme Court. He has been chosen to act as Arbitrator, has served as an expert witness, and has served many hours as a Judge Pro Tem for the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

As an active member of the California Applicants’ Attorney Association (CAAA), Mr. Whiting has lectured on workers’ compensation topics at CAAA Conferences. He has also conducted presentations before the California Defense Attorneys Association, and has presented extensive training seminars for workers’ compensation claims examiners. The quarterly publication IOD Law was written by him to address workers’ compensation issues as they apply to firefighters and other peace & safety officers.

Mr. Whiting has been a mentor to both novice workers’ compensation practitioners and to civil attorneys handling workers’ compensation matters for their own clients. He has given many informational talks at the invitation of various Firefighter Associations, and fire stations, and is available to do so upon request. He is approved by multiple state, county, and city firefighter association and police associations, as well as California State Firefighters’ Association to handle workers’ compensation claims for their members.