California Workers’ Compensation

The attorneys at Whiting, Cotter & Hurlimann have decades of experience representing public safety personnel who have been Injured On Duty.

About Whiting, Cotter & Hurlimann, LLP

Dedicated to protecting the rights of injured safety officers in California, Whiting, Cotter & Hurlimann, LLP (formerly Law Offices of Lawrence R. Whiting) has a proven track record of successful workers’ compensation litigation.

Whiting, Cotter & Hurlimann, LLP is dedicated to providing personalized service for each client. After evaluating your case, one of our Attorneys will answer your questions, carefully explain your legal options and work closely with you and your doctors to prepare your case for trial. While a large percentage of workers’ compensation claims are settled without the need for trial, if protecting your workers’ compensation benefits means going to trial, you will have your day in court.

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